Models and Environments for Document-based Interaction and Authoring MEDIA

The MEDIA research lab is part of the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at the EPFL.

The lab is deeply involved in research and training activities that relate to complex structured documents and, their use through global information systems over the Internet.

The representation of electronic documents has moved away from the simple encoding practises of early usage, towards richer encoding that indicate the structure of the document as well as multimedia and metadata extensions. There has been a tendency towards developping and supporting standards for this task. XML (eXtended Markup Language), is one of the well-known of these standards and is currently supported by an increasing variety of related standards and tools that provide efficient management of document-centric and data-centric information on the Web.

Our research is about models, languages and methods that encompass the use of semi-structured data models, as processable units of information, in Web-based environments.

Offering new programming paradigms - based on rich user interfaces - for authoring and reusing structured information as well as supporting collaborative processes among nomadic users is of major concern.

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  • Doc Eng 2015

    The lab is organizing the 15th ACM SIGWEB Symposium on Document Engineering that will be held September, 8-11, 2015, at the SwissTech Convention Center. Two keynotes speakers are confirmed: Jean Paoli , President, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. and Frédéric Kaplan , Director, EPFL Digital Humanities Laboratory.

  • XML Prague 2015

    Our last paper presented at the XML Prague 2015 conference , February, 15th, argues in favour of A Unified Approach to Design and Implement data-centric and document-centric XML Web Applications. It emphasizes the benefits to be taken from two open source pieces of software: OPPIDUM - a lightweight framework to developp XML Web Aplications and AXEL/AXEL Forms - two JavaScript libraries sustaining intuitive XML authoring facilities for editing either document or data oriented information in a browser. More about technologies is available on the Website of Oppidoc a start-up from the lab, created in 2012.

  • International Innovation Report

    International Innovation company is disseminating latest research, policy and technology insight for a global audience. See our interview that aims at promoting our document engineering research advances to tackle the development of XML based web applications.

Core compentencies

  • Document Engineering
  • Web XML Authoring
  • Web Applications
  • Collaborative Work


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