Models and Environments for Document-based Interaction and Authoring MEDIA

Christine Vanoirbeek Lab Director INF 218 Tel: +41 21 6936498
France Faille Secretary INR 311 Tel: +41 21 6936459
Stephane Sire (1) Associate researcher Oppidoc
Philippe Bonvin (2) Research partner EDSI-Tech
Nicolas Fête (3) CTI Business Partner Get Your Desk

(1) Stéphane Sire has been working as senior researcher in several projects of the lab (NICE, PALETTE, City Guide). He developped AXEL/AXEL Forms and OPPIDUM. He created Oppidoc in 2012 and remains associate researcher.

(2) Philippe Bonvin is the co-founder of EDSI-Tech. He has established a research partnership with the lab since 2010. EDSI-Tech is also hosting Web applications developed by Oppidoc.

(3) Nicolas Fête participates in the CTI business creation process. As entrepreneur, he is an early adopter of our technologies that aim at developing versatile global business applications.

Student(s) conducting their project within Media team during this academic year

Guillaume Beaud : Design and implementation of an application dedicated to a tutorial promoting the development of XML based Web applications.

Samit Ahluwalia : Event Correlation for Behavioral Analysis ( Netguardians )

Samir Gaillard : Visualisation d'un graphe de données de sécurité ( Netguardians )

Cristina Osorio Valuenzuela : Proposition of a micro-format based API to develop XML database editing applications

Thomas Cambazard : Front and Back-end Web development with possible Unity Integration ( Active Gaming Media, Osaka, Japan )


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