Models and Environments for Document-based Interaction and Authoring MEDIA

Our research activities aim at extending traditional interests that initially concentrated on document modeling and rendering. Since the Web advent, the wide adoption of semi-structured data models - based on an organization of data in labeled trees; the labels capturing the structural information - demonstrated their ability to represent any kind of information ranging from very structured data (such as them represented in relational databases) to very irregular data (such as them conveyed by structured documents).

Semi-structured data models are clearly dedicated to the integration of multiple point of views on information that favorize processability, reusability, adaptation to media as well as, semantic interpretation.

The Web provides an interesting medium for developing applications, since it allows for distributed semi-structured data and large-distance collaborative data creation, multimodal interactions and multi-channel dissemination; it presents a wide domain for testing new conceptions of such data models.

The lab research interests currently concentrate on the following topics:

Web applications relying on semi-structured data models

Most of Web applications currently use a RESTful approach. Our research is about the design and implementation of innovative methods for building RESTful Web applications that take profit from semi-structured data modeling.

Web-based semi-structured data authoring

This issue addresses the authoring of XML content on the Web. We argue in favor of a template-based approach that applies to different kind of contents, including structured documents, factual data and multimedia objects. It significantly enhances the ability for multiple applications to use the produced content.

Collaborative workflows and processes

Traditional workflow approaches consider the documents as per-se pieces of information on which meta-data is added to achieve specific goals. Our research interest is about the potential use of a document structure to anchor communication and awareness with the document content and, use them in various collaborative processes (authoring, workflows, data collecting, decision making, etc.).

Core compentencies

  • Document Engineering
  • Web XML Authoring
  • Web Applications
  • Collaborative Work


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