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OPPIDUM: a lightweight framework for developing XML-based Web applications

Oppidum is an open source XML-oriented framework written in XQuery / XSLT. It is designed to create custom Web applications involving lighweight XML authoring chains (provided by AXEL and AXEL Forms Javascript libraries). It is currently available as a Github repository to be deployed inside an eXist-DB host environment. More about OPPIDUM on the Website of Oppidoc.

Oppidum provides developers with a simple application model that allows them to rapidly and efficiently deploy a RESTful application; it relies on a few fundamental principles:

It is always possible to extend a pipeline by invoking one or more XSLT transformations from XQuery in the first and the third steps.

The following figure illustrates the basic OPPIDUM principles: an HTTP request is first parsed by OPPIDUM and, in a second time, the host environment executes the pipeline that generates the HTTP response.


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